Julien Colomb

Consultant, Entrepreneur, Trainer

Languages: French, English, German

  • Trainer and Consultant in Data Analysis and Data Management
  • Founder at Drososhare
  • PhD in Biology

ORCID: 0000-0002-3127-5520
Github: jcolomb

Reproducible Research workflow: Saving time for better science

Some publishers and most funding agencies require scientists to make their data available upon publication. At the same time, advanced (digital) skills in reproducible data analysis and reports are highly valued in academia and in the industry. In this workshop, student will collaborate in team of 3 on their own, different projects, while acquiring the non-digital and digital knowledge necessary to fullfill the novel standards in data management, data analysis and scientific reports.

Selected Publications

Tennant, Jonathan P.; Becker, Bruce; de Bie, Tanja; Colomb, Julien; Goglio, Valentina; Grigorov, Ivo; Hartgerink, Chris; Hartley, Ricardo; Havemann, Johanna; Kramer, Bianca; Madan, Christopher R.; Masuzzo, Paola; Matthias, Lisa; Schlatter, Monika; Steiner, Tobias; and Vos, Rutger (2019) “What Collaboration Means to Us: We are more powerful when we work together as a community to solve problems,” Collaborative Librarianship: Vol. 11 : Iss. 2 , Article 2.

  • Berlin, Germany