Surf and Science

Team building for research consortiums

We are creating incentives (lat. “incendere“: arousing, inspiring enthusiasm) for collaborative work, by immersing small groups of researchers in a serendipitous context. On top of delivering new skills related to digital methods and open scholarship through workshops, we propose to create team experiences in a water-sport environment and a relaxed atmosphere on the Rügen island. The mix between research-related and research unrelated activities will strengthen the participants’ bonds. It is particularly designed for future collaborators based in different locations, who plan to work collaboratively via web-based tools.

Due to the currently still unpredictable situation with the pandemic, there will probably be no retreat in 2021. You can express your interest to participate (or co-organize) a retreat in 2022 by contacting us.

Up to 20 researchers will work and learn together for one week (Monday-Friday).


At the end of the week, participants will be able to be working collaboratively as a team, using web-technologies and digital tools. They will be more efficient at sharing ideas, data and code. Having fun and enjoying the time spent together throughout the week is also a major objective.


The days are split into 3 sessions

  • 3h morning workshop on research related topics and skills.
  • 3h afternoon sport session for team building.
  • 2-4h evening self-paced practical work; replaced by a party on the last day


The workshops, sport and evening sessions will be held in the same location, in the Dranske village on the Rügen island.

Access 2 Perspectives team members will design the workshops and exercises according to the researchers’ preferences. We have a strong commitment to collaborative working, research data management, open science and the digital methods that enables it.
The Rügen Piraten (www.rü is a water-sport school which will provide accommodation – in summer residence for groups of 4 people per house – and the sport concept and training.

Project Outline

This novel concept has the potential to create a great atmosphere for team building and help with the collaboration inside scientific consortia. We offer

  • Professional workshop sessions with a focus on strengthening soft and digital skills (scientific collaborative writing, presentation skills, open science practices, research data management).
  • An inspiring and fun atmosphere away from the lab.
  • Professional support for sports activities.


Starting from €600 per person, full pension included.

Please contact us for a quote.