At Access 2 Perspectives, we are committed to human rights, equity, and ecological sustainability.

The foundations of our work as scholars, entrepreneurs, and researchers are compiled of respect for the diversity of life and nature and concern for the peaceful coexistence of all cultures, based on individual freedom and responsibility.

Our actions are intended to preserve the natural foundations of life for present and future generations and to promote their further protection and restoration. We understand ecology holistically in the sense of a unity of nature and the development of civilization, the goal of which is to protect and preserve life.

We collaborate and cooperate with people and organizations who pursue ecological, social, or cultural goals and want to creatively help positively influence our societies and ecosystems. Together with them, we develop new forms of research and innovation engagements that are determined by solidarity and responsibility for our environment on this planet.

We live and act by our moral standards as is reflected in the projects we engage in, the partnerships we build and maintain as well as the tools we use.

Below are a few examples:

Open Scholarship

Access 2 Perspectives is a signatory and supporter of the following scholarly principles:
Provisional Adoption of UNESCO Recommendation on Open ...
Vienna Principles Logo

Berlin Declaration

FAIR Principles - Panosc
The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance can be downloaded here in summary or fullThe CARE Principles in Spanish - CREA para la Gobernanza de Datos IndigenasThe CARE Principles in Vietnamese - Các nguyên tắc CARE đối với quản trị dữ liệu b…

Our Digital Infrastructure: Tools and Services

We use the below listed digital tools and services, many of which are open source. The commercial tools we use were carefully selected for usability and efficiency in our cross-cultural and remotely operating team.

GDPR compliance

To ensure data security and privacy, all our operations strive to align with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the best of our capacity and knowledge. Read more about GDPR compliance at

Balancing between ethical concerns and functionality

With the digital tools and services accessible online, we look at a vast variety of ethical standards, data security and privacy levels, environmental impact, and reliability differences. As each of our team members as well as the people we work with has different preferences and habits in the usage of subsets of these tools and services, we have learned to balance ethics with functionality. You will probably, therefore, find tools in the list below, that are infamously known for one or the other ethical concern while often the only feasible option for efficient remote collaboration in certain regional and cultural contexts.

Please e-mail us in case of any questions and if you have recommendations to make for us to look into 🙂


As a vehicle for international collaboration of experts and professionals working together for global equity in scholarship, Access 2 Perspectives strives to comply with the Fairwork global principles.


Banking for a better future.
At GLS bank, our money is invested in social and ecological projects both in Germany and around the world.

For our community services, we use Open Collective to collect and spend money transparently.

Buy your tickets, membership investments and support our projects at

As a globally operating organization with a team, a community, and clients distributed around the world, we use Wise to keep banking fees at a minimum.

Local storage and green hosting

We host most of our files – and certainly those that contain sensitive data – on the WindCloud servers in Northern Germany that run on carbon-emission-free energy powered by wind. Excess heat is used to grow algae for food supplement production as a by-product.

Learn more about green/eco-friendly hosting at


We use a WindCloud-hosted instance of Cloudron for the maintenance of the open-source web applications we utilize.

Our CRM is hosted at WindCloud and maintained by Cloudron.

Our website runs on WordPress – open source and WindCloud-hosted.

File storage and handling

WindCloud-hosted and Cloudron-maintained open-source filing system.

Our WindCloud-hosted open-source alternative to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, etc. for online collaboration.

A widely adopted and highly functional commercial digital cloud-based office system.


Mozilla Thunderbird - Wikipedia

Our e-mail host is a family business and was the first in Germany to use the wind to power their services.

SOGo is a fully supported and trusted groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards.

Our installation is hosted at WindCloud and maintained by Cloudron.

Thunderbird is bringing together speed, privacy and the latest technologies.

Google mail is highly interoperable with a range of other services and systems.


Moodle Logo (RGB) - Edunao
Welcome to Element!

Moodle is a popular learning management system.

Our installation is hosted at WindCloud and maintained by Cloudron.

Secure and independent communication, connected via Matrix

A versatile open-source online survey tool.

Our installation is hosted at WindCloud and maintained by Cloudron.


GitHub - OrkoHunter/pep8speaks: A GitHub app to ...

Web search and more apps


The search engine that plants trees.

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