Peer Review standards – crowdsourced

A crowd-sourced mapping of Peer Review resources for a global research community to be informed and continue to co-create what we see as useful best practices and community standards.

Our central objective is to establish guidance for comprehensive and efficient peer review, focusing on distilling peer review best practices across world regions and research fields. By identifying and promoting resources that adhere to reasonable standards, we aim to contribute to a culture of accountability and reproducibility, aligning with the principles that the Open Science (OS) community has brought to the forefront.

Please cite this project as:

Machado, M., Dyke, G., & Havemann, J. (2024). Enhancing Peer Review Standards for Quality Research Publications. Access 2 Perspectives.

Machado, M., Dyke, G., & Havemann, J. (2024). Peer Review resources – crowdsourced [Data set]. Zenodo.  (V1.0)

Join as a content contributor

There are several ways in which you can contribute to this project, such as

  • Adding and/or curating resources to the database
  • Work on project outputs based on resource analyses
  • Both, curating resources to the database and analysing them for project outputs
  • Co-writing articles based on topics that emerge from the database
  • Providing training in Peer Review

We aim for appropriate compensation for any substantial contribution provided based on the CRedIT taxonomy and/or monetarily.

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Institutional backing

Scholarly organizations and services are invited to express their support and backing of this initiative to develop community-owned and community-sourced standards and best practices for Peer Review.

The following institutions have joined:

Storytelling for Science


To learn more, stay informed, and support our work, please email us at or book an online meeting via access2perspectives/free-exploratory-session.

Support our work

We invite you to contribute to support our work and cover costs for:

  • project conceptualization and maintenance, 
  • data curation, processing, analysis, and visualization, 
  • co-writing sprints to produce specific guidelines, standards, infographics
  • … (more will be listed here as the project evolves)