Career Development

Career opportunities after the PhD are plentiful and often hidden in the non-academic job market. Let us explore and exchange best practices in compiling a CV or resume that reflects the passion, skills, and knowledge collected throughout the academic career and fitted for the desired position.

What is required for a position in the industry?
Have you considered becoming an entrepreneur?
How can you best prepare for a job interview?

We assist you in identifying the career path that allows you to step into your purpose with passion, joy, the academic skillset and the expertise you gained in your research field.

Dr Jo Havemann


  • increase your visibility as a scientist: Reputation Building
  • Professional networks and how to utilize them – online and offline
  • Career alternatives Hidden jobs
  • Optimizing your CV or resume
  • Transferable skills for the transition outside academia
  • Common questions in a job interview
  • Elevator pitch

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