Our Clients

We offer coaching, consultation, and training services in Open Science Communication to individual researchers of any career stage and to groups via graduate schools, research departments, and institutions.

Impressions from our activities

Below is a list of selected institutions we had the honor of working with:

zur Startseite der Universität Leipzig
Berlin University Alliance
Universität Bern
Max Planck Institut for Biogeochemistry
Zur Startseite
University of Zurich | EUF
Oxford university Logos
Uni Augsburg Logo
CoroPrevention – Reducing the number of coronary events in EU
Integrated Agricultural Systems Researcher (Tenure Track ...
Hasselt University - Bourses-etudiants.ma
10-fach schnellere Superauflösungsmikroskopie
SOEP (DIW Berlin): Startseite SOEP
Logo der Universität Halle
Wissenschaftliches Umfeld | Über ZfM | ZfM | TU Chemnitz
Logo der Freien Universität Berlin
Logo RWTH Aachen
Universität Bonn
TU München - Auswahlverfahren und NC an der Technischen ...

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