At Access 2 Perspectives, we guide you in your complete research workflow toward state-of-the-art research practices and in full compliance with funding and publishing requirements.
Leverage your research projects to higher efficiency and increased collaboration opportunities while fostering your explorative spirit and joy.

Open Science

Open Access, Open Data, Open Source Hardware and Software, Open Methodology, Open Peer Review, Open Educational Resources (OER), Knowledge Transfer

Reading Writing Publishing

Strategic Reading, Scholarly Writing, Peer Review, Scholarly Publishing, Visual Communication

Project Management

Agile & Lean Approaches, FAIR Data Management, CARE Principles, Digital Tools for Research

Career Development

Reputation Building, Presentation Techniques, Multilingualism, Transferable Skills

Research Integrity

Epistemology, Ethics, Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI), Animal Welfare, Sustainability

“We are a community of scholars and entrepreneurs that support each other and are working towards a positive and purposeful impact by disseminating research results.

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Are you ready to open up your research and increase discoverability to other researchers, prospective funders, and collaborators, while building your reputation as an expert in your research discipline, improving team-internal collaboration, and increasing your impact, personal gain, and quality of life?

At Access 2 Perspectives, we meet you exactly where you are on your journey as a researcher. We understand that your actions are focused on your passion for your research topic and on generating results for impact through scholarly publishing.

Citation metrics alone won’t ensure the lasting contributions you wish to provide to the scholarly system and eventually society. That’s why you need a different, tailored strategy that includes weekly coaching, structure for your high-performing and widely-interested nature, and a supportive peer community to hold you accountable.

Consulting & Coaching

Open up your research workflow, from scholarly literature search, and methodology to dissemination of your results.

Workshops & training

All topics are backed by real examples and relate to the participants’ research projects and disciplines.

Speeches, talks & seminars

We present all our course topics and projects in a talk, seminar, and in our online academy.

News and Conversations

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Some of the projects and initiatives we work on

The African Open Access Portal
Multilingualism in Research
Our podcast show on scholarly Conversations
Weekly Q&A session
Digital Open Science Tools
Indigenous Knowledge and Scholarly Research

The people and organizations we work/ed with

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