Bridging Academic landscapes

Access 2 Perspectives provides novel insights into the communication and management of Science. Our goal is to equip researchers with the skills and enthusiasm they need to pursue a successful and joyful career. 

Hands-on expertise in all aspects of Open Science and Science Communication.

Open Science is a concept promoting transparency, reproducibility, equity, and fairness in knowledge acquisition and dissemination for ecologically sustainable livelihood of a global society in accordance with Good Scientific Practice (GSP) by utilizing digital tools and services.

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Leveraging your research impact

By implementing Open Science principles throughout your research you increase the discoverability of your work:

  • Establish yourself as the expert in your field of research
  • Build an online presence for all your academic achievements.
  • Discover research results relevant to your discipline from around the world and build a network across language groups

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”

Dalai Lama

Consulting & Mentoring

Open up your research workflow, from literature search, methodology to dissemination of your results.

Workshops & trainings

Topics covered are backed by real examples and relate to the participants’ research projects and disciplines.

Speeches, talks & seminars

We cover all our course topics and projects in a talk or seminar for your audiences.

With a background in Evolution and Developmental Biology, Dr. Johanna Havemann is a trainer and consultant in [Open] Science Communication and [digital] Science Project Management. Her work experience covers NGOs, a science startup and international institutions including the UN Environment Programme. With a focus on digital tools for science and her label Access 2 Perspectives, she aims at strengthening global science communication in general – and with a regional focus on Africa – through Open Science.

ORCID: 0000-0002-6157-1494 | SCHOLIA: Q42577405 | Twitter: @openscicomm

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Open Science Perspectives

Read about the various aspects of Open Science Communication and how you can leverage it

Comparative Literature Search

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