Policy Writing and Communication

Learn to communicate with policy-makers and how to write policy papers


This workshop is designed for young scientists whose research is aimed at contributing to improve public policies. In the course of the seminar we will focus on how you can best convey the results of your research to policy-makers. Discuss the appropriate audience for a policy paper. What is a policy paper? How to write a policy paper? At the end of the workshop participants should be able to write a policy paper based on their own research. The seminar will familiarize the participants with the language of the policy papers. For this seminar, the participants are expected to previously read one policy paper.


Course contents

  • Understanding what public policy is and how it is relevant for scientists
  • Dealing with different levels of government – local, national international
  • How to write a policy paper and how to communicate with policy-makers as well as generally with non-academic audiences
  • Writing style and structure of policy papers
  • Framing the problem and policy argumentation


Course duration: 2 consecutive days (9am -5pm)

Number of participants: 8-12

Trainer: Alexandra Athanasopoulou-Köpping


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