Survey: Certification for open source hardware designs under peer-review

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Our colleague André Maia Chagas is inviting you to fill and share a little informal poll on Twitter about open source hardware documentation in academic papers: 

Long version:

Journals that publish Open Source Hardware designs have different requirements for the documentation that goes together with the paper being published. This ends up leading to a lot of variability in the quality of the hardware description, making it harder/easier to reproduce and sometimes making something that is not properly open to get an “open source” tag.

However, the Open Source Hardware Association has spent a lot of time and effort creating a certification system that is easy to use and makes sure hardware designs conform with a very good definition of open, without putting too much burden on developers in terms of achieving this certification.

The poll is to see if people would find it useful/good idea for journals to require from authors submitting open hardware designs that they certify their hardware before submission. This would save a lot of review time, and make sure all published tools meet a minimum documentation standard.

Right now we have more than 110 respondents, but for this to be a good indication of what next steps we should take, this number would optimally be much higher! So please, if you can, take a moment to answer the poll, and another moment to share it with your networks!

Thanks and best regards,

Dr. André Maia Chagas


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