Let’s Enhance Peer Review Standards for Quality Research Publications, together!

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Very happy to announce an initiative co-created by Maria Machado, Gareth Dyke, and me that we hope will be used by and contributed to across research stakeholders and in particular researchers, publishers, editors, and librarians:

We will soon formally invite contributions, meanwhile please do comment and/or email us with your feedback, concerns, suggestions

>> info@access2perspectives.org

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We herewith initiate a crowd-sourced mapping of Peer Review resources for a global research community to be informed and continue to co-create what we see as useful best practices and community standards.


Our central objective is to establish guidance for comprehensive and efficient peer review, focusing on distilling peer review best practices across world regions and research fields. By identifying and promoting resources that adhere to reasonable standards, we aim to contribute to a culture of accountability and reproducibility, aligning with the principles that the Open Science (OS) community has brought to the forefront.

Read the full concept note at 10.21428/51e64700.fcd86e15.

The preliminary dataset (open for contributions) is shared at 10.5281/zenodo.10657539

Watch the recording at linkedin.com/events/askusanything-openresourcesforp7158800733817954307/comments/