National Overviews on Sustaining Institutional Publishing in Europe

The DIAMAS project‘s new report, “National Overviews on Sustaining Institutional Publishing in Europe,” explores Diamond Open Access (OA) publishing in 10 European countries. It identifies how Diamond OA publishing and institutional service providers are financially sustained in specific national contexts. Key findings suggest that national contexts create unique conditions for Read more…

Data Protection and Copyright unpacked with the DM Law Tool – A conversation with Anna Picco-Schwendener and Suzanna Marazza

Anna Picco-Schwendener is a Postdoctoral Researcher while Suzanna Marazza is a Legal consultant. They both work at USI Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland. They joined Jo on this podcast to talk about Data and Copyrights protection. To see all episodes, please go to our CONVERSATIONS page. Suzanna Marazza is a collaborator Read more…

Turning Science into Social Outcomes – A conversation with Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson is a molecular biologist, social entrepreneur, inventor, open information systems proponent and innovation system strategist. He founded Cambia almost 30 years ago, as a means to democratize science-enabled innovation. He works on “Solving the Problem of Problem Solving”
He discusses his journey into molecular biology, social entrepreneurship and invention with Jo in this podcast.