Verónica Espinoza

Consultant, Researcher, Trainer

Scholarly Publishing, Data Visualization

PhD Humanities, M. Sc. Neurobiology, B.S. Chemistry.

▪PhD Thesis: “Clinical diagnoses: cognitive, affective and social trajectories between physicians and patients” (Honours)

▪Master Thesis: “Possible interaction of the amygdala and the striatum in the regulation of glucocorticoids on memory” (Honours)

▪Bachelor Thesis: Relationship of loss of consciousness with cognitive abilities after global cerebral ischemia due to 4-vessel occlusion. (Honours)

▪Research Project at UCI Irvine California: “Amygdala-striatal interactions in emotionally influenced memory consolidation”

I have worked in research companies in the qualitative and quantitative area. I have been a professor in prestigious private Institutions.

In the academic field I have taught various subjects such as neurophysiology, neurobiology of learning and memory, attention and emotions, computational social science, computational anthropology, netnography, qualitative and quantitative methods, epistemology, SPSS, statistics, research methodology, chemistry, toxicology , microbiology, hematology, instrumental methods, among others.

Additionally I have taught digital tools workshops for many years to students from different countries and from different disciplines and academic degrees, through our Nethabitus online academy.

On the other hand, I am currently developing my own digital tools that I will soon incorporate into my workshops and my research.

My APPs:




🟢YouTube Scraper

🟣Text to Network

Take a look at the descriptions and video-demonstrations of each of these tools.