TCC Africa & AfricArXiv win at ASAPbio sprint

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Under the title Encouraging Preprint Curation and Review, ASAPbio has held a design sprint to increase exposure for new and existing ideas for encouraging preprint curation and review. The event was held in collaboration with Wellcome, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, DORA, EMBO Press, PLOS, and eLife.

TCC Africa in collaboration with AfricArXiv submitted a joint proposal on Building capacity for preprint peer review and curation in Africa. We are excited to share that we won two categories in this week’s ASAPbio sprint: 

We thank ASAPbio, their co-organizers, and the jury along with the participants for this award and the recognition. Also to all who voted and supported us, thank you!
Finally to all other awardees and presenters – congratulations! We look forward to collaborating with many of the initiatives presented. 

Presentation held at the ASAPbio sprint on Dec 3, 2020

In Africa, only few stakeholders exist that have both the capacity and the pan-African scope to educate and build capacity about the opportunities and regionally applicable research publishing workflows that are available today. African researchers are often struggling with low salaries and high teaching demands, which is why it is difficult for them to serve as reviewers in assessing other researchers’ works. We therefore need to establish a culture and transparent and easy to follow workflow which is mutually beneficial not only for the recipient of a peer review, but also for the reviewer.

About ASAPbio


ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology) is a scientist-driven nonprofit working to address this problem by promoting innovation and transparency in life sciences communication.

About TCC Africa


The Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa), is the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. TCC Africa is an award winning Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya.