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Here are a few quick search results in counter-chronological order for “illegal pharmaceuticals” (example search). Be aware that each platform works with a specific search approach and algorithm which is why we recommend for you to always compare and screen search results on more than one or two platforms:

Zenodo //

ScienceOpen //

SciELO //

Open Science Framework //

Open Knowledge Maps // (on BASE) and (on PubMed) //

Figshare //

DOAJ // //

BASE Search //

Fine-tune your searches with other keywords, by language, region, author, date etc.
Should you hit a paywall, make use of the browser app or the Open Access Button.

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Q&A session on Summary · August 26, 2022 at 10:05 am

[…] While the title and topic as well as the results are highly interesting and relevant, concerns were raised about the approach by the authors. Instead of (or complementary to) Web of Science, the authors could have looked into the and datasets, both of which are openly accessible and searchable. Why rely on a closed and proprietary system to make a case about Open Science and Open Access? However, we acknowledged that WoS might still be the most widely known and utilized, despite the restrictions, and despite the availability of many other research literature discovery tools, such as SciELO, OpenKnowledge Maps, BASEsearch, The … […]

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