Holistic wellness and mental health in research careers – A conversation with Wangari Joyce Ngugi

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Wangari talks about her experience as a professional in mental health, her work at Eider Africa, and the importance of community values for holistic well-being.

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Personal Profiles

Dr. Joyce Wangari Ngugi has 16 years of experience in designing and implementing Psychology and Research programs. Her niche is empowering people with disabilities and special needs and their caregivers, particularly the Deaf. She is a founding member of Afrika Hai, where she uses Creative Art Therapies to co-produce knowledge in local communities and to restore African indigenous healing knowledge ways.
Wangari earned a global award at the American Psychological Association 2018 Convention on a study titled: Barriers to Mental Health Access for Deaf Adults in Kenya: A Review. She earned a Doctor of Psychology, PsyD, Clinical Psychology, at United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa), where she was also a Doctoral Teaching and Research Assistant and the founder of the USIU-Africa Disability Policy and the Sign Language Club.

Which researcher – dead or alive – do you find inspiring? Johannes Fellinger, ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8618-1815, ResearchGate: /profile/Johannes-Fellinger

What is your favorite animal and why? The leopard; swift and beautiful, yet also solitary and nocturnal.

Name your (current) favorite song and interpret/group: Any tune by Them Mushrooms

What is your favorite dish/meal? Anything sweet potato

Research Articles

Ngugi, J. W., Basnight-Brown, D., & Arasa, J. N. (2021, September 18). Methodological considerations of clinical research with Deaf adults in Kenya. doi.org/10.31730/osf.io/5frku

Ngugi, J. W., Basnight-Brown, D., & Arasa, J. N. (2021, September 18). Correlation of psychosocial support concerns and depression in Deaf adults at Nairobi and Kajiado Counties, Kenya. doi.org/10.31730/osf.io/7m4qv

Owango, J., Munene, A., Ngugi, J., Havemann, J., Obanda, J., & Saderi, D. (2021). Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Peer Review [incl. workshop recordings]. AfricArXiv. doi.org/10.21428/3b2160cd.c3faf764

Find more of Wangari’s publications at wangari.africa/publications

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Questions to the audience

  • What (emotional) struggles are you facing in your research journey?
  • Would you like to get support for your holistic wellness and mental health in your research journey?