Do you remember Jon Tennant?

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Jon Tennant was a close friend and colleague of mine and many others. Huge amount of inspiration and motivation I received from him.

🔷 Thanks to Jon, I founded and managed ​AfricArXiv ​for more than 5 years and counting.

🔷 Thanks to Jon, I finetuned and designed ​Access 2 Perspectives​ with my personal values and principles deeply ingrained into my business approach.

🔷Thanks to Jon, I am outspoken about opportunities and challenges within Academia and beyond. Mind you, I have always spoken up for Justice, but to do that within the scholarly ecosystem, I learned mostly with and from Jon.

There is more to remember about him in the article, with links to videos where you can hear from him.

And yes, Jon. The fire is burning… 🔥 ⚛ 🔓 Continue to R.I.P.
In the video from the #SciELO20 conference, Jon said:

“[…] If you go anywhere around the world, you hear about open science just all the time but in Europe, we often talk about it in terms of political motivation as something for economic growth or innovation whereas if you come to Latin America it’s a very different feeling, everyone seems to believe that open science is more of a social imperative so we need to work together more as a global community to develop a common understanding of what open science is .[…]”