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Tim Blais is the creative everything at A Capella Science and has a Master’s degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In the Scientific American blog Joanne Manaster suggested his project “may be the single most comprehensively nerdy endeavour ever conceived.”

In a McGill Daily interview back in 2012 Tim said:

The [three] things that always came most naturally to me were music, science, and math, but of those [three] I never had the feeling that I wanted to study music; it was too fun, and too playful, for me to want to ruin it with rigorous study.

Tim’s science-parody creations are composed out of unaltered sounds from his mouth, throat and vocal cords. His most popular video, Bohemian Gravity!, counts more than 3 million views to date.



Oh, and if you wonder why “Entropic Time” (#3) is shown in reverse you should read this article by Jennifer Ouellette who is not only married to Caltech‘s physics professor Sean M. Carroll who in turn gave the lecture that inspired Tim for the cover but also an eminent science writer – thus she is best suited to explain it to you with a few words.


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