Kamila Markram: Open Science can save the planet

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Imagine: from your taxpayer’s money, you pay for the highways in your country. And then imagine a company would come along, put up a toll gate and charge you so much money that only the richest cars could afford to use this highway. We would never allow this to happen on our roads, would we? But then why are we allowing this to happen to our scientific knowledge?

Kamila Markram, Co-founder & CEO at Frontiers, Autism Project Group Leader at Brain Mind Institute, EPFL

Open Science can save the planet | Kamila MARKRAM | TEDxBrussels (2017)

About Kamila Markram

From her Linkedin profile at linkedin.com/in/kamilamarkram/

Kamila is a neuroscientist, autism researcher and co-founder and CEO of Frontiers, a leading open-access academic publisher and social network for researchers. She is on a mission to make research freely available for the benefit of humanity, popularize science and the people behind the discoveries to help create aspirational role models for the younger generations.

Kamila obtained a MSc in Psychology, with distinction, from the Technical University Berlin in 2003, completed her masters-thesis at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt; and obtained an award-winning PhD degree in Neuroscience at the EPFL in 2006. She frequently speaks at universities and conferences on topics related to autism, Open Science and the future of scholarly publishing, including the National Academy of Sciences, Science Foo Camp and the Euroscience Open Forum.

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