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“What the world needs now is love, sweet love!”
Watch a recent version of this iconic song by Dionne Warwick herself: https://youtu.be/m5Chxe89O6c

Let me interpret her lyrics in the scholarly context for you:

“We don’t need another mountain of research evidence that our actions on this planet lead to the collapse of whole ecosystems, there is enough evidence that we need to course-correct and relearn sustainable economics as practiced since human existence still today by #indigenouspeoples.

The planet very pragmatically provides enough resources for all living and yet-to-be-born beings to live happily today and until the end of time, if only distributed equally, equitably, and managed sustainably; which we also know how to, theoretically.

And yes, I am a firm believer that a globally inclusive approach to #OpenScience with global consideration and local implementation is the way forward.
If you want to discuss, how this can be achieved theoretically overnight, because all the infrastructure and resources are readily available, let us talk.

The only constraints keeping academia in chains are purely profit-motivated business approaches by too few stakeholders (irrespective of their tax status) who think they can fix it all for everyone and thereby destroy a knowledge hub that was built over centuries in every corner of human-habitated soil on this planet we call Earth… eh HOME.

We need to better work together as research stakeholders so that other societal actors and practitioners can turn scholarly achievements into meaningful and well-informed action. #sustainabledevelopmentgoals

That means that publishers and librarians need to up their game and focus again on content curation instead of accumulation #publishANDperish.

That means, that researchers need to design their experiments based on human values, principles, and community standards #beFAIRandCARE

That means that we have a lot of work, conversations, and listening activities to do, what I learned for crisis mode taking my scuba diving certificate: #StopThinkAct (in that and no other order)

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