Survey: Certification for open source hardware designs under peer-review

Our colleague André Maia Chagas is inviting you to fill and share a little informal poll on Twitter about open source hardware documentation in academic papers: Articles on #openhardware have different documentation standards, making it harder for people to reproduce/customise designs. Would it be useful if journals asked submissions to Read more…

Open Education Mirrors the Open Science Reform Movement

Originally published at | Open Educational Resources (OERs) are a game-changer for education, for a plethora of reasons spanning aspects such as accessibility and dissemination. Here, I want to focus on the promise of OERs to facilitate updating educational materials. Changeability in OERs Open resources can be more adaptable Read more…

National University Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Baseline Study

Pivot Global Education was commissioned by the Universities South Africa’s Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education along with the Department of Higher Education and Training (South Africa) to assess and map the development of entrepreneurship throughout the country’s public universities by evaluating structures, supports, delivery and successes in entrepreneurship development.

Perspectives on Open Science and Inequity: Who is left behind?

[originally published at] Due to precautionary measures in regard to the coronavirus, the second day of this year’s Open Science Conference got canceled. Luckily, the panellists Johanna Havemann, Anne-Floor Scholvinck, Daniel Spichtinger and August Wierling agreed to submit their opening statements as a blog post for ZBW MediaTalk. by Read more…

Day 18: DIY sanitizer

University and research institute labs around the world have repurposed their inventory and skills set to produce self-made sanitizers. Here are two examples, from Nigeria and Sweden: Download the WHO Guide to local production of handrub formulations: