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Scientific diplomacy in this time of war – A conversation with Nithaya Chetty.

Nithaya Chetty is a Professor in theoretical and computational physics and Dean at the Faculty of Science at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. In a recent commentary in University World News, Nithaya expressed his concern about the war in Ukraine and emphasized the need for scientific diplomacy and cooperation. In this conversation, Nithaya and Jo talk about the options, opportunities, and difficulties scientific diplomacy provides.

Statement of the ReMO COST Action on solidarity with Ukraine

The ReMO COST Action stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We add our voices to the joint declaration of Eurodoc and the Marie Curie Alumni Association and strongly condemn the Russian Federation’s acts of violence and aggression against the people of Ukraine. We also concur with the COST Association’s call for international efforts to help ensure the safety of Ukrainian researchers and innovators.

Support for Ukrainian researchers

The website #ScienceForUkraine serves as a platform to support Ukrainian researchers with accommodation, research hosting, and funding. How you can help If you hear about dedicated positions with short-term availability dedicated to Ukrainian researchers on Twitter, please retweet using the hashtag #ScienceForUkraine If you are the coordinator of a national/disciplin-specific Read more…

An open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine

We, Russian scientists and scientific journalists, declare a strong protest against the hostilities launched by the armed forces of our country on the territory of Ukraine. This fatal step leads to huge human losses and undermines the foundations of the established system of international security. The responsibility for unleashing a new war in Europe lies entirely with Russia.